Finland is the happiest country in the world.

(By United Nations reports 2018 & 2019.)

People in Oulu are even happier than average.

How is it possible? Well…

We have everything nearby. Versatile Nature. Inspiring Workplaces. Plentiful Activities.

33 %
Every third person has an academic degree
250 K
250,000 people live in Oulu metropolitan region
The average age is 38 years
20 min
Practically everything is max. 20 minutes away
2nd busiest airport in Finland
Four seasons
Up to 2.6 billion people use technologies developed in Oulu every day.
Oulu is the fastest growing city in Arctic Europe

We have everything that makes people happy.

Oulu is a world-class centre of excellence in

5G and beyond


Future Health

International education

But there is even more.

Oulu is ranked among the 13 smartest cities in the world:

(Macquarie Research, 2017)

Cambridge, Austin, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Portland, Albany, Akron, Durham Raleigh-Chapel Hill, Eindhoven, Lund-Malmo, Dresden, Zurich, Silicon Valley…

(Macquarie Research, 2017)

and Oulu.

A place where the best and brightest people tend to cluster.

Oulu is a vibrant city in various ways. We have, for example…

600 km cycleway network

Diverse cultural scene

Oulun Kärpät – professional ice hockey team, home of numerous NHL players

Air Guitar World Championships

Oulu is bidding to become the european capital of culture 2026.

This is why Oulu has the happiest people in Europe.

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